Tools of The Trade

Tools of the Trade

I spend a lot of time traveling, attending events, and meeting with people at their locations, but I have to be able to keep in touch, do work quickly, and stay in touch.  Here are three items I take almost everywhere.

13″ MacBook Pro

Aside from the internet basics, I can edit photos, video, audio from anywhere with this bad mf.  A lot of people would opt for easily-upgradable Windows or Linux machines, but Macs really leave you worry free.

$1250 –

Logitech M325

I already know what you’re thinking – “cheap p.o.s”. Yes, this is a cheap wireless mouse, and I have owned better, but the bottom line is that they are all going to break at some point. This mouse is compact, gets the job done, and is easily replaceable.

$16 –

PlayStation Gold Wireless Stereo Headset

These are comfortable, sound decent, collapsible, wireless, mic’d and I can talk trash to noobs on Playstation 4.  I can Skype with clients and tune out the sounds of any noisy environment. Sold.

$81 –


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