With Our Powers Combined..

I wanted to share a tweet I just fired off to show an example of using  multiple revenue streams in tandem. Here it is –

I bought this guitar pick punch on Amazon last year because I play guitar and thought it was a cool DIY tool.  It is super cool (you should buy one), but now I have all of these guitar picks everywhere.  I snapped a few pics with my Nikon D3200, created a store on Etsy, made listings for the picks, and was off to the races.  Aside from the $15 spent on the punch itself, the Etsy listings cost $0.20 per listing so the initial investment is minimal.

So you’re selling homemade guitar picks?

Well yes, but the secondary revenue stream is the cool part.  I have shared a link for the punch itself using the Amazon Affiliate program, so if anybody decides to purchase the pick punch through my link, I receive a portion of the purchase price.

The lesson here is to evaluate all the revenue-generating tools available to you so you can maximize the return on each post.

Feel free to holla if you want help selling online or getting the most out of social media.


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